Downtime is a project name for a retreat concept I am launching in the UK market for 2019. The concept takes a holistic approach to the idea of going on retreat; the guest is in complete control of their time and can make use of the facilities, activities˚, food, surroundings and like-minded community as they please. 

Aimed at people who are perhaps new to the concept of going on retreat, know they need a break* and don’t want to be ‘sold’ on anything. 

'Find some quiet, private time. Allow yourself to slow down and relax. Find nature, meditate, or do nothing. Take a mental break. You'll gain the benefits of a quiet mind.' - Tom Giaquinto

First edition happened 29th March 2019 in Suffolk, UK. 

Invite downloadable here.
Welcome pack (for participants) here.
House guide here.

*an actual break, not a holiday.
˚meditation, silent walks in nature, yoga, creative time, etc.